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I'm ready to do commissions again. =) Here are some samples.

Sketches will be $3 or 240 points

Teenage Arnold by Da-4th  Teenage Helga by Da-4th  Mario Character Studies by Da-4th

Line art will be $5 or 400 points

Eddy and Double D by Da-4th Dearly BelovEd Teaser by Da-4th Ed Points by Da-4th

Color Drawings will be $10 or 800 points

 Dearly BelovEd by Da-4th  Trapped in The Elf's Bubble by Da-4th  Bubble Gum Day Request by Da-4th  Zero Suit Daisy by Da-4th  Sailor Princesses by Da-4th

Digital Colored drawings will be $15 or 1200 points

Rosalina's Vacation by Da-4th  Stacy Hirano Running by Da-4th  Disco Miniature Golf Queen by Da-4th Marie in High School by Da-4th

Penciled Comic will be $6 or 480 points

Sample Manga Hey Arnold: Lila's Secret by Da-4th  Sample Manga Hey Arnold: Lila's Secret pg.2 by Da-4th 

Hopefully the prices are fair.

Let me know in a note on anything you want me to draw.

Note me if your interested in buying a commission. It can be any cartoon character and original characters. I will draw anything except porn, and gore.

Payment is Paypal and through DA points
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Cobalt by Da-4th
This is edthesupersaiyan's character Cobalt from Ed, Edd, n Eddy Dark Contract.……

This is my interpretation of her. I know the proportions are cartoon-y but, I hope you like it. =)
Rhonda's Profile by Da-4th
Rhonda's Profile
Name: Rhonda Wellignton Lloyd

Age: 17

Height: 172cm (5'6")

Weight: 49kg (108lbs)  With Devil's Lake 59kg (130lbs)

                                                             After drinking Devil's Lake
Stats: Strength: 2 1/2                           Strength: 4 1/2

           Endurance: 3       --------------->  Endurance: 5

           Agility: 2                                     Agility: 4

Team Captain

This takes place seven years after the HA series. Rhonda was just a average member of the cheerleading squad. Not a bad member, but nothing special. She joined the team to get as much attention as she can and finally be out of her parent's shadow as the daughter of the Lloyd family. She wanted to make a name for herself. Lila on the other hand was originally the team leader, but Rhonda cheated in a way. One day, after a long day of practice, Rhonda was doing a homework assignment when she came across an ad on a website about an energy drink, Called "Devil's Lake". Being the curious girl she was, she clicked the ad and read the benefits of the drink. In reality, the drink itself is not actually an energy drink but a potion made by satanists to temporarily grant the person god like abilities and a fitter physique. Nadine warned her not to order it, telling her that something about the company who made the drink looks demonic. The heiress of the Lloyd family ignored her and ordered it anyway.

A couple of days later when the order came in the morning, her father brought in the box where the drink was held inside. Rhonda quickly got it from him before he got suspicious of it, based on the brand name. Later that day during practice she was winded and the coach was scolding her for making the same mistake on the handspring twice. Rhonda was annoyed by the coach's attitude as she subconsciously grabbed the Devil's Lake bottle and started gulping it all down in one gulp. As she taste the after taste she nearly gagged and threw up because of the horrible taste of it. After waiting several minutes the drink was kicking in and she beginning feeling really energized. She felt like she was in a different body as her uniform felt tighter on her. As the coach order her to perform she did a bunch of flips and hand springs that not even the best gymnast can performed. She even jump nearly two stories in the air.  To say the coach and her team was in complete awe was an understatement.  Loving the results she ordered more bottles.

What the young heiress also don't realized about the devil's lake was the bottle is cursed. As long she keeps drinking it her organs are slowly rupturing and she will feel more tired every time the effects wore off.

Based on this pic:…

Profile of her teammates coming soon.
Rhonda Wellington Lloyd The Cheer Leader by Da-4th
Rhonda Wellington Lloyd The Cheer Leader
This is an old story idea of how I imagined Rhonda in her late teens (16-18) as a competitive cheerleader to look like. There will be another picture of her to show off her capabilities. She's pretty much super human when performing. I think I made her abs too defined. Tell me what you think.

Hope you guys like it. =)


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David Martin
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United States
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Favourite genre of music: a little of everything
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MP3 player of choice: my computer
Favourite cartoon character: to many to count

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