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Roxanne and Geodude by Da-4th
Roxanne and Geodude
Roxanne, the rock type gymleader, commanding her Geodude for an attack.

I haven't sat down and watch pokemon in years, I lost interest during diamond and pearl so I have no knowledge of the newer series.
Pro Prankster Line Art by Da-4th
Pro Prankster Line Art
Sorry, I couldn't post this on time,  I was busy with life, but here I am. =) Looks like Helga is being pranked by Krishna (Lila.)

This is not the nice girl from pleasantville, but a psychotic brat who for some reason wants Arnold for herself.

So far, I'm working on the plot of this story, and I'm really thinking about making a comic out of it.
Another Arnold picture should arrive tonight or in the morning of the next day so check it out when it comes.
Hey Arnold Enter Diva Krishna by Da-4th
Hey Arnold Enter Diva Krishna
This was a sketch of a weird idea, that came to me one night, Helga has a beef against a girl who think she's God's gift who is rude and hate authority and will prank anybody who dislike/hates her. On a Saturday morning, Arnold and the kids were playing baseball. When it came Arnold's turn to swing the bat, he hit the ball and the girl was hit in the head really hard and lost consciousness. She was carried to the hospital immediately, and her father was called after words. After the doctors examined her, and concluded that she suffered a minor concussion and a lump. Arnold, and the 4th graders in her class spend some time with her, heck even Helga was there too. Arnold feeling guilty apologized to her for a hundredth time, and the girl easily accept his apology. 

The next day, The girl was healthy enough to be sent home. Her head started hurting as she told her father about the pain. Her Dad told her to get some rest. So she rested through out the day until night came and she could have sworn she heard a voice saying that "#@$% Helga!, I'll make Arnold mine." Thinking that it was just her imagination, she fell right back to sleep. 

On Monday, after eating breakfast and saying good bye to her father she went back to the bus, and every body was happy for her recovery and Arnold apologized again as she forgave him for the hundred and first time. As they reach school, her head started hurting her again as she was heading to class. All of a sudden she was in the cafeteria holding her lunch tray. Stinky, one of the boys in her class was looking at her with sad eyes while some of the other boys gave her thumb up and waved to her and called her "Krishna." Some of the girls in her class look at her with disgust. The girl confused was wandering why people was look at her like that. She was about to have a seat until she found her self being shove to the floor by Helga. Luckily for her Phoebe, Helga's best friend was there to calm her down, reminding her of the injury she had on Saturday. Arnold quickly came to her side helping her up, and scolded Helga for her brash action. Helga furious, walked angrily back to her table with phoebe catching up to her. The girl was confused to what was going on, and why Helga was treating her that way. Arnold told her that she was like a completely different person in class, disrupting today's lesson and flippantly disrespecting Helga. And as a bonus she got detention for her bad behavior. the girl then explain to him how she could have sworn she was on her way to class but some how ending up in the cafeteria. Arnold feeling his guilt coming back from the incident was thinking that she might need to see the doctor to make sure she don't have any sort of head injury.

And that was a synopsis of the story I had in mind.

Can you guess who the girl is on the right. It may be obvious to those who are familiar with the show.  =)

This chapter of this fanfic gave birth to this idea.…
I'm ready to do commissions again. =) Here are some samples.

Sketches will be $3 or 240 points

Teenage Arnold by Da-4th  Teenage Helga by Da-4th  Mario Character Studies by Da-4th

Line art will be $5 or 400 points

Eddy and Double D by Da-4th  Dearly BelovEd Teaser by Da-4th   Ed Points by Da-4th

Color Drawings will be $10 or 800 points

 Dearly BelovEd by Da-4th  Trapped in The Elf's Bubble by Da-4th  Bubble Gum Day Request by Da-4th  Zero Suit Daisy by Da-4th  Sailor Princesses by Da-4th

Digital Colored drawings will be $15 or 1200 points

Rosalina's Vacation by Da-4th  Stacy Hirano Running by Da-4th  Disco Miniature Golf Queen by Da-4th

Penciled Comic will be $6 or 480 points

Sample Manga Hey Arnold: Lila's Secret by Da-4th  Sample Manga Hey Arnold: Lila's Secret pg.2 by Da-4th 

Hopefully the prices are fair.

Let me know in a note on anything you want me to draw.

Note me if your interested in buying a commission. It can be any cartoon character and original characters. I will draw anything except porn, and gore.

Payment is Paypal and through DA points
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